Ufulu Child ALIGN™ Nutritional Herb Mix

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⭐ FAQs⭐

❓What's in it?

✅ Ingredients (All Organic, Wildcrafted, and Raw): Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, Burdock Root, Camu Camu, Moringa

✅ Packed with All 102 Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids the Body Needs
✅ Rich Plant Source in Hard-To-Find Nutrients Needed in Plant-Based Diets
✅ Safe to Use for Kids and with Most Medications

❓Where Can I Get It?

✅ We have an Ufulu Child ALIGN™️ CLUB Monthly membership for a 30-Day Supply of the Nutritional Herb Mix at 3 price levels (15% OFF) 🤯:

1️⃣ 30 Meals (5 oz.) - 1 Bag per Month ($47/mo.)
2️⃣ 60 Meals (10 oz.) - 2 Bags per Month ($67/mo.)
3️⃣ 90 Meals (15 oz.) - 3 Bags per Month ($77/mo.) - Best Value ⭐


One-Time Purchase options:
- 1 Bag (30 Meals) - $55 ($1.80 per Meal)
- 2 Bags (60 Meals) - $77 ($0.86 per Meal) - Best Value ⭐
- 3 Bags (90 Meals) - $88 ($0.98 per Meal)

❓ Can I Customize my order from month to month?

✅ Absolutely! We make it super easy to customize your order before the next month's order is finalized. You can opt to skip a week or pause your membership with ease as well. You can also rate your order items and mix-n-match your Nutritional Herb Mix with some of our other Ufulu Child ALIGN™️ CLUB plant-based home, health, and beauty products.

❓Where can I find Ufulu Child approved recipe ideas & tutorials for a healthy Plant-Based diet?

✅ Great question! We have some recipe videos available on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages (@ufuluchild). However, for a more interactive experience, also we have plant-based recipes, grocery lists, cook-along live sessions, plant-based optimization video training, and so much more available exclusively for our Freedom Lifestyle Members. Schedule your free virtual tour of the Freedom Lifestyle Membership to Get Started today!

❓ What if I Need Help with my Order?

✅ Of course! Anytime you need help with your order, please feel free to reach out to Ufulu Child Support by emailing support@ufuluchild.com, visiting the Ufulu Child Resource Help Desk at https://ufuluchild.freshdesk.com/support/home, or by messaging Ufulu Child (@ufuluchild) on Facebook or Instagram. We will answer any question(s) you have for us in a timely manner.

❓What Happens Next?

✅ After your order is confirmed and your invoice is paid, we make it and ship it out to you! Message us or visit https://ufuluchild.store to start your order‼️ 🧚🏾‍♀️